The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care and Medland Hospital provides a wide range of anesthetic services to facilitate procedures for the multi-disciplinary surgical units at the Hospital. Operation Theatre Complex consists of four operation rooms fully equipped with modern and latest anesthetic machines computerized critical care information system

The scope of anaesthetic services provided by our department include the following:

  • Operation theatre: Anaesthesia for elective and emergency surgery for general surgical and subspecialty surgical services.
  • Anaesthetic Clinic: pre-operative evaluation for patients
  • Obstetric anesthesia and Labour analgesia (Epidural)
  • Acute pain services: to cater for post-operative pain relief
  • Intensive care service
  • Daycare

Anaesthetic Clinic

The anesthetic clinic provides pre-anesthetic consultation and optimization of patients from all the surgical specialties in view of the increasing demand for operative medical care. Consultation is provided by a specialist anesthetist.

On referral by the primary team, the anesthetic clinic provides a thorough assessment of the patient, liaising with the necessary specialties for consultation and optimization of the patient at specialist level well before the planned surgery.