Patient Rights

All patients have the right to:

  1. Respectful and safe access to health services
  2. Treatment without discrimination
  3. Informed Consent
  4. Freedom from abuse
  5. Personal or Physical Privacy
  6. Confidential Treatment
  7. Complete information regarding the health condition
  8. Access personal medical records
  9. Freedom to provide suggestions or grievances
  10. Timely referral or transfer to another facility.

Patient Responsibilities

All patients have the responsibilities to:

  1. Respect the health care providers
  2. Desist from verbal or physical abuse or violence against health care providers
  3. Desist from vandalizing health facility amenities, furniture or equipment
  4. Follow the course of treatment and instructions
  5. Be considerate of other patient’s rights
  6. Report anything that appears unsafe
  7. Keep all appointments
  8. Provide accurate and complete information to health care providers
  9. Fulfill financial obligations
  10. Observe all safety policies and procedures of the facility.