Our Patient Experience team’s goal is to ensure patients come first at every step of their Medland Hospital journey, and we continually collaborate with our caregivers to enhance their experience at every step of the way.

Our Patient Experience department is divided into two teams; Service Excellence and Experience Intelligence, which are responsible for the following key services:

  • Listening to our patients and their families, and using this feedback to develop best practices in delivering quality patient-centered care
  • Data management, analysis and collaboration with departments to determine and deliver the best patient-focused care
  • Highly specialized training for all caregivers in our Patients First philosophy and ways of working
  • Implementation and continual compliance with HPCZ regulations, policies and procedures


Our Service Excellence team is dedicated to ensuring our patients’ voices are heard, and we actively encourage feedback through a number of channels.

All feedback – compliments, suggestions and complaints – is handled through our feedback management system to ensure each communication is documented and responded to.

We act as liaison between patients and relevant departments to ensure that all feedback is communicated and results in a positive contribution to the continual enhancement of patient experience.

Reports are generated from all the feedback cases we handle to help us identify our strengths and opportunities for improvement. We then share these with the hospital departments and work collaboratively with caregivers to develop best practice ways of working based on real patient-led learnings.

This is a continuous journey with constant work towards providing a positive care experience.


Have Your Say

Would you like to recognize an exceptional Caregiver who has made a difference to you? Do you have a suggestion on how we could improve how we do things, or a concern about any aspect of your experience at Medland Hospital?

We welcome your feedback, and it is important to us in order to continuously enhance your experience here at Medland Hospital. We have a number of ways to get in touch for your convenience.

  • Call: 3111 or 00260762027840 or 0260762027980 or 00260761101600
  • Email: serviceexcellence@medlandhospital.com
  • In person: For any direct information you are most welcome to visit our frontline desk at our physical address.