Patient Stay

A comprehensive hospital with five star amenities

Being in a hospital can constitute a difficult time for any patient and to that effect Medland Hospital strives to provide its patients’ with a comfortable and relaxed stay. Medland Hospital boasts a total of 72 inpatient beds, ensuring its facilities and amenities are designed to offer state-of-the art healthcare to patients in order to speed their recovery process.

We offer various room options for patients to choose from:

General Ward
Our general ward consists of three beds separated by  privacy screens and a shared bathroom. We offer female, male and pediatric general ward options.

Semi Private
Our semi private rooms include two beds separated by a privacy screen and a shared bathroom. They are designed to offer our patients an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety.

Our private rooms are situated in a stand-alone hospital zone and are especially fitted to adapt to patients’ privacy needs during their road to recovery.

Pediatric Rooms
Our pediatric rooms have been designed while taking the best interest of our little patients at heart. Since a hospital stay can be a traumatic experience for kids, we have ensured that their rooms are equipped with all the possible comfort facilities and also added family style conveniences in our pediatric rooms.

The VIP Suites
Our VIP suites offer the same outstanding care available to all Medland Hospital patients in a private and comfortable space situated in a separate section of the hospital and equipped with state-of- the-art amenities.

The Maternity Suites
Medland Hospital offers private birthing suites that are fully equipped with all the options and amenities that enable mothers to create a birthing plan that meets their unique childbirth needs. Our specialized team ensures that each mother and child’s medical and personal needs are met with the highest standards of care.