We firmly believe in the value of innovation which in terms of medical science translates into new therapies and technologies that constantly upgrade our equipment, thereby enabling us to provide cutting edge, reliable, safe and effective healthcare services to our patients.


We treat each and every client with sensibility and we remain steadily focused on the humanitarian principles that form the basis of medical science and contemporary civilisation.


We always keep the quality of our services at the highest possible level. The success of our activities is based on our highly qualified team and core values that translate into medical authority, hospitality and the top-level services that our clients will enjoy.


We believe in continuous development, both in terms of science and technology, as well as in terms of our business goals. We develop our network and the services we provide, in order to offer diagnosis and medical care that brings cutting edge medical practices and procedures to the service of our patients. We aim to expand our business activities in order to safeguard our sustainability through the development of profitable projects including our distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.


We place great emphasis on respecting all people, treating each and every one of our patients and partners alike with dignity and confidentiality, regarding each and every one of our clients as a unique case with unique needs and rights. We respect our employees who will make Medland Hospital a leading force in the Zambian Healthcare sector.